Tree Crop Management

2016 - 2017

In all Tree Farm efforts, there is always a time when crops are maturing and are not yet ready for harvest, and other times when existing crops have been over harvested.

Christmas trees are no exception, and currently Anna Lovisa is developing crops for the future.  In an effort to reduce the impact on our developing crops, we have limited our selling season to approximately 2 weeks in 2015, and will likely have limited sales openings in future years. This is part of our plan to continue to care for fields where we planted trees most recently.  We have also improved our water management plan.

These efforts are being made in order to make our tree crops follow a  sustainable management style, and thereby provide  enough trees for our customers, for years to come, while balancing the ability of the farm to grow and care for them.

Please note:  2016 and 2017 are growing years, which means it is best to visit on Nov. 25, 2016,  or soon after,  to get the best selection.